Poetry Anthology Title Suggestions

Hello all you beautiful people! I’m on the lookout for a good title for my anthology of poetry.

To those of you who have read my work, all suggestions are welcome. To those of you who aren’t familiar with my writing, my collection is mostly a random mix of emotions and moods and depicts love, relationships, heartbreak and friendships drizzled with a few nature poems.

All suggestions are welcome!

Thank you! 😊💜


No Less Than You…

You don’t get to tell me not to love
And say that it’s not smart
When the truth is that you are afraid
To open up your heart

You don’t get to tell me not to give
Just because you don’t know how
When the truth is that you can’t give more
Than your heart will allow

You don’t get to tell me not to fight
Or keep asking for more
When the truth is that you’ve never had
Something worth fighting for

You don’t get to tell me to let go
And say that it’s all gone
When the truth is that you’ve never known
How to keep holding on

You don’t get to say I am defined
By mistakes that I’ve made
When the truth is they’re not bigger than
The love that you betrayed

You don’t get to tell me there’s no hope
And say it’s all in vain
When the truth is that you’ve never found
The sunshine in the rain

You don’t get to say that I am flawed
And that there’s no good in me
When the truth is I’m more beautiful
Than you will ever see

You don’t get to say I’m foolish
‘coz I do the things I do
When the truth is I’m not any less
Just because I’m not like you


If Only…

(Smitten Part 2)

It was easy to tell
You were mine from the start
From the blush in my cheeks
To the storm in my heart

They say it was wrong
That it wasn’t meant to be
I know they are right
Yet my heart won’t agree

How can something so wrong
Feel so perfectly right?
How can a mistake
Bring so much delight?

How do I turn back now?
How can I admit?
That what they thought was wrong
Was the most perfect fit

Wishing for a world
An ideal place to be
Where nothing else matters
Except you and me

Where differences don’t count
Where love takes us through
Where age is no reason
To keep me from you

No space to consider
What others may think
Where it’s just us together
In absolute sync

Holding on to my wish
Of the way we could be
If only love were enough
To have you with me


Holding on to Yesterday…

A crystal jar of perfume
Long forgotten in my care
A tiny slip, some shattered glass
The fragrance fills the air

The piercing shards of consciousness
Wake me up with a start
The spicy scent of yesterday
Plays havoc with my heart

A whiff so full of memories
So cruel…, yet divine
A potpourri of emotions
Impossible to define

The tingling in my senses
Intoxicating, sometimes sad
It brings to mind the moments
Both the good and the bad

Holding on to all those moments
Clinging on to yesterday
The heady aura of reminiscence
Begins to fade away

The desperation and the panic
Now begin to grow
It’s hard to bottle up a memory
When it’s time to let it go

Without warning like it happened
It’s all suddenly gone
Just the broken glass lies on the floor
A reminder to move on

Time to make some more new memories
And get rid of the gloom
Time to clear up all the splinters
And get some new perfume.



That impish sparkle in your eyes
I lower mine
Feeling oddly shy
The creases on your cheeks
With every smile
Bringing a blush
To mine
Your name
Suddenly a constant
In my words
Savouring it’s taste
On my lips
Your face
In every face I see
My ears
Craving to hear all I can
About you
My heart
Happy to revel in
The non existent spark of hope
Reading into
Your every word
Looking for
A sign in every smiley face
Devouring feverishly
Anything that is you
For every “what next”
Wishing for a miracle
Awake to reality
Happy to dream
Happiness in
The blush
The sparkle
The warmth
The glow
Happiness in
Being smitten…



I thought we were different
You and I

I thought you were different
Different from all those other people

And yet you are
Different from me

From the person I thought you were

Different dreams
Different hopes
Different paths to travel

We’re both different kinds of beautiful

It all comes down to this

We’re different
You and I

And in the end
That makes all the difference


Railway Ramblings…

The world
Speeding by in a blur of green
Jealous streaks
Mirrorred in her eyes

Furious slashes down the window
Like tears of rage
On a transparent face

The train
Thundering on relentlessly
The storm in her heart

In feverish strokes of midnight blue
Her heart
Smudged on the inky pages

And finally
Trudging towards an arduous end
A struggle
Silent. Empty. Spent.