I know
I know what holds you back
I know the chains that bind you
I know
The way it creeps up on you
Ripping you to shreds

I see
I see how you are sinking
I see how you struggle to breathe
I see
The way it sucks you in
Leaving you
Gasping for air

I hear
I hear your silent screams
I hear your voice in my head
I hear
The way it makes you cry for help
Simmering in your blood

I feel
I feel the way you tremble
I feel your pain inside me
I feel
The way it seeps in through your skin
Snaking through your veins

And then,

I learn
I learn to walk beside you
I learn to hold your hand
I learn
The way it drains you slowly
Every ounce of life away

I give
I give you everything I can
I give my best to save you
I give
For it is all I can do for you
Till there is nothing left

I hold on
I hold on to your happiness
I hold on so you can let go
I hold on
To every happy memory
Praying for a miracle

I grieve
I grieve for what you lost
I grieve for what I lost
I grieve
Because I didn’t do enough
Falling into darkness

And so,

I die
I die a thousand deaths
I die angry and alone
I die
Because I couldn’t save you
With guilt and hurt and sadness

But then,

I listen
I listen to the voices
I listen when they soothe me
I listen
To the ones who say I tried
Bringing me back to life

I fight
I fight because you didn’t
I fight because I lost before
I fight
Harder than I ever have
My way back into the light

I live
I live to make my dreams come true
I live because I matter
I live
For those who stand beside me
Telling me
That I am beautiful



Ocean Song…

You charm me
It’s all about the tricks you play
Tickling my feet
Splashing my hair
I laugh
You whisper
We dance

You mesmerize me
How you never stop your little game,
Six hours here
Six hours there
Back and forth
Twice a day
Day after day

You are irresistible
For who can resist the feel of your touch
A gentle caress
Or a burst of delight
Sometimes this
Sometimes that
Over and over again

You leave me spellbound
I wonder in awe at your unpredictability
Raging tranquility
Mysterious, ominous
Intrusive, profound
A mélange of moods

You comfort me
Every time you change the way you look
A shimmering blue
A brilliant green
A million shades
A single hue
A glistening masterpiece

You tease me
The way you sweep me off my feet
The more I hold on
The more you let go
Testing me
All the time

You calm me
As you sprinkle me with fairy dust
A deep breath
A whiff of perfume
I breathe in
You breathe out
In perfect sync

You complete me
In the way you embrace my very being
Entwining spirits
Oozing life
Two hearts beating
Yours and mine



You wake up every morning
And get out of your bed
You decide to face the day
And not crawl right back instead
You are a superhero
You put your game face on
Come sunshine or come rain
You get back on your feet
Knowing you’ll fall down once again
You are a superhero
You walk out that front door
And turn to face the sun
You take your first step forward
It is the hardest thing you’ve done
You are a superhero
You try to keep on going
Though you have lost your way
You still smile at passing strangers
To brighten up their day
You are a superhero
You open up your heart to love
Not sure where it will go
You don’t stop taking chances
Even when odds are low
You are a superhero
You know you may not make it
And yet you give your all
You give in but you don’t give up
Fall apart yet don’t feel small
You are a superhero
You make a tiny wish
And dream more than you dare
You don’t wait for an answer
When you say your little prayer
You are a superhero
You finally fall asleep each night
Wishing you could run away
You aren’t sure of tomorrow
But you won’t think of that today
You are a superhero

You may not think that this is true
Or you may not know it yet
Even when you don’t believe it
I hope you won’t forget
You are a superhero

One Moment of Madness…

One moment of madness
And the fear of losing out
That’s all it ever really takes
To turn the faith to doubt

One piercing word
To crush a hopeful heart
A lifetime’s worth of love and trust
Completely torn apart

One single person
The master of your soul
Unfeeling and unthinking
Too late to take control

One long-lost memory
To make the tears come by
Holding onto all the happiness
And stop you saying goodbye

One lifetime spent waiting
For things to turn around
Lost and weary in the darkness
Hoping to be found

One flash of insight
Enough to see what’s true
To stop believing in illusions
To stop believing, in you

Just one moment of madness
No second chance to think
Watching it all slip away
All over in a blink


The Magic Begins Here…

More enchantment and wonder
Than we’ve ever had around
A time and place like no other
That’s ever been found

One odd conversation
Like a prophecy
An instant friendship
That was destined to be

No space to consider
The differences seen
Between darkness and light
Or scarlet and green

By nations and distance and age
Yet connected
By magic of words on a page

Joined by a story
Most dear to our hearts
Where one story ends
Another one starts

The story foretells it
So it must be true
The magic begins here
It’s where I found you


Poetry Anthology Title Suggestions

Hello all you beautiful people! I’m on the lookout for a good title for my anthology of poetry.

To those of you who have read my work, all suggestions are welcome. To those of you who aren’t familiar with my writing, my collection is mostly a random mix of emotions and moods and depicts love, relationships, heartbreak and friendships drizzled with a few nature poems.

All suggestions are welcome!

Thank you! 😊💜

No Less Than You…

You don’t get to tell me not to love
And say that it’s not smart
When the truth is that you are afraid
To open up your heart

You don’t get to tell me not to give
Just because you don’t know how
When the truth is that you can’t give more
Than your heart will allow

You don’t get to tell me not to fight
Or keep asking for more
When the truth is that you’ve never had
Something worth fighting for

You don’t get to tell me to let go
And say that it’s all gone
When the truth is that you’ve never known
How to keep holding on

You don’t get to say I am defined
By mistakes that I’ve made
When the truth is they’re not bigger than
The love that you betrayed

You don’t get to tell me there’s no hope
And say it’s all in vain
When the truth is that you’ve never found
The sunshine in the rain

You don’t get to say that I am flawed
And that there’s no good in me
When the truth is I’m more beautiful
Than you will ever see

You don’t get to say I’m foolish
‘coz I do the things I do
When the truth is I’m not any less
Just because I’m not like you